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Front door view of Ruff N Stuff Dog Care

As dog owner we want our beloved companions to be happy, healthy, and well behaved. The challenge that most dog guardians face is figuring out how to provide just enough love, veterinary care, and leadership so that their dog can live a balanced life. 

This is Where Ruff N Stuff Dog Care Steps In!

Our goal is to help dog owners strengthen and reinforce the bond they share with their furry companions. We achieve this by providing a range of services both in person and online! 

Professional Dog Grooming

Front door view of Ruff N Stuff Dog Care

Ruff N Stuff is currently the only storefront grooming salon in Qualicum Beach, BC. 

Our home-like grooming salon is setup specifically with our doggy clients in mind. We prefer to let the dogs run, play and interact with each other so that the dogs enjoy the grooming process from the moment they’re dropped off, until they’re happily back with their humans again. 

The entire shop is open to our doggy clientele. The dogs can stay in the front and interact with one another, or slip off into one of the doggy safe rooms in the back of the shop. Each room is set up with beds, toys, water and blankets so even the shy dogs have plenty of places to feel safe. 


Boarding & Daycare

We offer daily, weekly, and extended stay boarding services to grooming clients only. Our boarding services include daily off-leash hikes,farm trips where the dogs get to interact with other critters, go swimming, and get plenty of exercise! 

Training and Behavior Modification

Even though the main service we offer in our shop is professional dog grooming, a significant component of the services Ruff N Stuff offers is training humans and modifying dog behavior.

One of the most common things we hear from our clients is “I can’t believe how excited our dog was to come back again!, as soon as we pulled up to the shop he was wagging his tail, and he practically pulled me right to the door!”

When we get that kind of feedback from our customers it tells us that we’ve been successful at modifying the dogs feelings towards being groomed.